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Lightroom Presets & Editing Tutorial

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 Watch Angie fully edit images from start to finish! Watch her cull her images, edit in Lightroom (using her new presets that are INCLUDED with the tutorial), and end her editing in Photoshop (skin touch ups, liquify, and one action that she highly recommends).

Angie has created these Lightroom presets after trying them all! She wanted to cut down time on editing, so she picks the preset that works for the session she is editing and keeps editing with that consistent look to save time (Angie will walk you through all of this in the videos!). She edits 40-50 images in 1.5 hours (including culling her images). GET EXCITED! It's all covered in the tutorials. 


  • 4 videos to make it easy to come back to each section of the tutorials 
  • 4 Lightroom presets (Basic, Creamy, Pearl, B&W)
  • Great to get a glimpse of Angie's editing style
  • Length: 45 minutes (includes all 4 videos)
  • Angie talks about shooting in back light, tips and tools are provided 
  • Refer back whenever you need from the comfort of your own home

*Lightroom presets are included with video. Please remember that presets are created to enhance images, not fix images. There will be adjustments you will need to make that are basic to fine tune each image.

***Lightroom presets work with the most current versions of Lightroom only (Lightroom 6 and Lightroom CC 2015)

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