The Meaningful Portrait
The Meaningful Portrait
The Meaningful Portrait

The Meaningful Portrait

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A portrait is a representation of an individual person. The goal of the portrait is to capture some likeness of them, something of who they are.

I created this video because I get asked all the time how I capture women in such a natural way. After 15 years of photographing people I have learned that the most important thing while photographing people is to make them feel seen and accepted. Its really that simple. Once you can master this with your clients, the posing and technical aspects of shooting will just fall into place and you will find your vision of how you want your portraits to feel/look like. 

Over the past few years I have taken women all over the world and been able to capture them along the way. It's incredible to see them light up when actually see their own light radiating from a photo of themselves. What a gift we can give to others. I am so passionate about helping women realize that they perfect just the way they are. Opening up a space for them to see that is step one, the rest will follow naturally. 


Includes FOUR instructional videos & BONUS PDF posing guide (35 poses) to take with you to sessions for inspiration!


1. Hair and makeup and the importance of collaborating with makeup artists. 

2. The internal benefits of portraits and how we are offering something more meaningful than we may actually realize. 

3. Footage of me photographing TWO women- I will give you tips and tricks of how I pose women and what I say to them to make them feel comfortable. 

4. Small interview of both women and their thoughts/feelings about how the session made them feel.