The art of photographing people

The art of photographing people

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This is a guide for connection between you and your clients, something we don't focus on much in the photography world.

Photography is much more than just taking pictures...

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Photography is way more than the technical end and I think people forget this
essential part when they are shooting or even when they think it would be a
good career choice for them. There is so much that goes into making people
feel comfortable and seen in front of your lens. To feel understood. Isn’t that
what we want most in this life? To feel seen and loved? Is that something you
think about when you are photographing your clients or are you thinking about
the light, the pose, the camera settings?

To be honest with you, after photographing people for the last 12 years my
mindset has completely changed over the past few years. I focus more on the
connection, the vulnerability, and the love WAY more than I focus on the
technical end. And YES, my pictures aren’t always perfect, but that is not what I
am striving for. I am looking for the perfectly imperfect moments that evoke
emotion and connection between my clients. The connection not only between
my clients, but the connection to my lens (which really is the connection to me).
I am going to lay out THREE important factors in which I think the psychology
of photography is essential while shooting.

This guide is something I have been thinking about for a while. I hope more than anything that it opens your eyes and your heart more to the purpose of what we do as photographers. 


*BONUS- Free family posing guide included! (worth $150)