SP Essentials Editing Bundle with Lightroom Presets and Live Editing Tutorial Video
SP Essentials Lightroom Presets for Family Sessions and Photographers
SP Essentials Training Video Edit in One Hour for Photographers

Ultimate Editing Bundle

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The Ultimate Editing Bundle is here! Get a complete editing video tutorial, tips & tricks to edit an entire session in one hour, and my new presets all rolled into one. I use these Everyday Presets in the editing video to show you how I quickly and consistently edit an entire shoot, which will not only make you more efficient but will enhance your final products as well.

This special bundle offers an additional discount than buying these items separately, and I cannot recommend it enough as a total editing package! You'll be editing your sessions in record time and delivering stunning photos to your clients before you know it. 

Edit in One Hour

I will walk you through the following so you can edit an entire session in one hour:

  • My culling process
  • Using my Everyday Presets
  • Lightroom edit (RAW images)
  • Photoshop (Jpeg format)
  • B&W batching process

At the end I answer students questions as an added bonus!

New Everyday Presets

My new Everyday Presets include 5 color presets and one black and white preset, so you have plenty of options for customizing! These presets are perfect for editing your professional sessions, travel photos, or iPhone shots. They're compatible both with Lightroom Classic CC and Lightroom Mobile, so you can use them at home or on the go (and you don't have to have a Lightroom subscription either)! An instruction packet is included in the download so you know exactly how to get the presets set up.

If you're having any trouble getting the presets installed, click here or here! Be sure you're using the correct presets for your version of Lightroom, there are new and old versions of the files.