NEW In-Depth Posing Guide

NEW In-Depth Posing Guide

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Do you struggle posing your subjects? Do you get a deer in the headlights feeling when it comes to thinking of a variety of poses at your sessions? I used to feel this way a lot. Then I learned the hard way how to pose my clients and find flow to my sessions because now I have so many poses in my toolkit. I never worry about posing at my sessions anymore! 

So, I wanted to create a video where I could walk you through exactly how I pose, why, and the thought process attached to each pose. And bonus, I include my camera settings for ya too!

What's included:

*50 min in-depth video that covers how I shoot individuals and also groups (families) and why they bring different challenges and how I overcome those. 

*Camera settings

*How to turn one pose into 3-4 different looks

*Power poses

*Connected poses for families

*Leading lines

*What do I do with my hands?! (my clients ask me this ALL the time). Let me show you what I have them do!

*Lighting associated with these poses are explained.

*Poses that will flatter any BODY. 

And more!