Frequently Asked Questions

Are these videos for beginner photographers or professional photographers?

The beauty about these editing videos is that it is a way to show any photographer the possibilities that are available with enhancing your photos whether you are just starting out or been doing this for a while. It is helpful to have both Lightroom & Photoshop to apply some of these techniques 

I am viewing the video in Quicktime but can only hear video?

The audio issue is happening through your Quicktime player. With some of the new plug-ins and updates, Quicktime has a hard time with viewing most videos in general. The best way to remedy thi sis to either remove the plug-in that is causing it or by downloading RealTime Player. 

How will I get my videos?

After you purchase your video you will receive an email to download your video from a zipped file

What is your refund policy?

All sales are final and are not subject for refunds.

What program do I need for the videos?


How long are the videos?

Each video has different duration because of all of the different editing variations. Refer to the product to see how long the video is.

Where do I put the discount code?

You can apply the discount code on the confirm page. You will first need to put your PayPal information, review that information in a separate screen, then it'll take you to the last page before you confirm. That is where you enter your discount code.

Do you provide the actions used for the edit?

No. However each video comes with a .pdf of the actions used for the photo that you are more than welcome to purchase.

Does the price come with a physical copy of the video?

Unfortunately right now we don't have a set up to send physical DVD's. Hopefully in the future this is something we can provide

Can you Skype with me to go through more details?

No. Unfortunately we are not set up to go through the videos with individuals for more one on one information. The videos are meant to be used as a resource to refer back to on your own time. The only time this is possible is when we hold an online training forum.

Am I allowed to view the videos on more than just my personal computer?

Yes. However you are not allowed to give copies of the videos to others, sell the videos, or record the videos on your screen. Please refer to our copyright for more information on that.