SP Essentials Lightroom and Photoshop Editing Guide for Photographers

Edit in ONE HOUR

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Watch Angie edit a family session in ONE hour from start to finish!

How long does it take you to edit a session? So many photographers tell me that it takes them 4-8 hours to edit a photo session. What the what?!! If it took me that long to edit my sessions I would honestly only be able to take one session a week with my schedule. To run a successful, lucrative business you have to find a way to be efficient with your time. Let me show you how! 

Over the years I have nailed down my workflow so that it doesn't take over my life. I edit an entire family session in ONE HOUR now. I have had so many photographers ask me how I do this, so I will be editing an ENTIRE session from start to finish...

I will walk you through the following:

  • My culling process
  • Lightroom edit (RAW images)
  • Photoshop (Jpeg format)
  • B&W batching process

At the end I answer students questions as an added bonus!