SP Essentials Lighting Video Tutorial and Training How To Use Light
SP Essentials Lighting Video Tutorial and Training for Photographers

Finding the Light- Video

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Finding premium light is key to creating a beautiful photograph. As photographers we should be able to walk into any lighting situation and know what light will work best for the type of photograph you are creating (this varies depending on what you are shooting- portraits, landscape, or product). On top of that we should know what lens will produce the look we are going for as well. Obviously this takes time to find your style of shooting, but light is light and knowing how to use it to your advantage is key to creating high quality images that are sharp and require little editing. You will know that you have beautiful, high quality light when it looks great straight out of camera. This saves you so much time in post production! 

 Angie will show you little tricks she has learned over 15 years of photographing people. She will cover the following in her 40 minute video: 

*Rim light

*Side light

*Back light

*Flat light

*Finding catchlights

*Direct light (full sun)

*Edge of Light

*Tips on finding the light when your client isn't present

*Image examples & camera settings 


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Hope you find value in this video! 

-Angie Monson